cdmm Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ConfigurationParse and hold configuration parameters from command line as well as from configuration files
Configuration::OptionDescription of a command line option
Configuration::OptionEntryDescription of a given commandline option
DMMClassBase class for a Multimeter class (Protokoll version)
DMMClass::DeviceInformation structure for a multimeter device
DMMClass::ProtocolInformation structure for a multimeter protocol
Escort97Implementation ESCORT 97/95 binary protocol
GDM703Implementation of the GDM703 ASCII protocoll
IOCBUVMonitorImplementation of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (Praha, Czech Republic) protocoll
M9803RM9803R 11 byte binary protocoll
Metex14BytesContinuousImplementation of the Metex 14 byte protocoll in the continuous flavour
Metex14BytesPollingImplementation of the Metex 14 byte protocoll in the polling flavour
Metex15BytesContinuousImplementation of the Metex 15 byte protocoll in the continuous flavour
MetexAsciiBase implementation of the Metex ASCII protocoll
MutexSimplistic posix mutex class
MutexLockerHelper class to lock a Mutex inside a scope
PeakTech10AsciiBase implementation of the PeakTech 11 byte ASCII protocoll
PortPort is a thing the multimeter is connected to, that can be opened, closed and one can read and write
SerialPortEncapsulation of a serial port
ThreadSimplistic posix thread class
UtilGenaral untility functions
VC820VC820 14 byte binary protocoll

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