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Even if it looks like a GTK application in this screen shot, QtWvDialer was developed with Qt from Trolltech AS. I've chosen the GTK theme because it makes my desktop more homogenous when mixing GNOME and KDE applications. Wvdial was written by Dave Coombs and Avery Pennarun for Worldvisions Computer Technology, as part of the Worldvisions Weaver project.

QtWvdialer is a simple graphical front-end to wvdial and it's free software. You need the Qt library version 2.1.0 or better and wvdial. It provides you with a easy to use GUI to fire up a ppp connection. Additionally you have access to the output of wvdial, some PPP statistics and a editor for the wvdial configuration. The code for PPP statistics retrieval was extracted from the very fine program kpppload from Sean Vyain. Thanks Sean, for this nice piece of GPL'ed code!

A german review of an early version of QtWvDialer can be found at http://www.linux-user.de/ausgabe/2001/08/068-ktools/K-tools-32-3.html

An english version of this text can be found at https://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/13


QtWvDialer has been tested on Linux so far, but it should be compileable on other flavours of UNIX provided the following prerequisites are met:
  • Qt-3.x from Trolltech-AS (development package) http://www.trolltech.com
  • wvdial and wvdialconf from Dave Coombs and Avery Pennarun
  • gcc http://gcc.gnu.org

Versions of QtWvDialer before 0.4 have the following prerequisites:

  • Qt library >= 2.1.0
  • tmake (I think version >= 1.5 , but I'm not shure)
  • Additionally you may have Qt-Designer installed. If not the configure script should figure this out (checks for the presence of uic). You may use the --no-uic option for the configure script to disable uic support.
  • wvdial and wvdialconf

If you are running Linux and have the NVIDIA OpenGL driver installed and Qt was compiled with OpenGL support you may encounter some problems. At my machine I had to link the program against libpthread to avoid a runtime linker error. If this configuration is true for you use the --nvidia option for the configure script.


QtWvDialer before 0.4 does not compile with Qt-3.x. You need Qt-2.x to be able to compile it. QtWvDialer version 0.4 and above does not compile with Qt versions below 3.


The following versions are available for download:

Please don't forget to read, understand and agree to QtWvDialer's license before using it.

Version 0.4.4 qtwvdialer-0.4.4.tgz MD5 34b46650bdefe353374d9ae1ac46d5a3 (53094 bytes)
Version 0.4.2 qtwvdialer-0.4.2.tgz MD5 cd4f113b40a82906e828d2304471383b (61932 bytes)
Version 0.4.1 qtwvdialer-0.4.1.tgz MD5 c3b91a008285b83e32785c75b74b3078 (67587 bytes)
Version 0.4 qtwvdialer-0.4.tgz MD5 bf112731a692eaaf203223011ba4ed4f (63695 bytes)
Version 0.3.1 qtwvdialer-0.3.1.tgz MD5 0f74cd54b8d702ae16777122b9a622ab (81027 bytes)
Version 0.3 qtwvdialer-0.3.tgz MD5 77b007aea8f2459db61ba64a42c4b540 (80966 bytes)
Version 0.2 qtwvdialer-0.2.tgz MD5 86c2ed9ab5a91969e7a0b5686f4805d7 (74767 bytes)

You might have to shift click the link.


QtWvDialer comes in a source-only distribution. Compilation is simple.
  1. Untar the tarball
  2. Enter the directory QtWvDialer
  3. call ./configure
  4. call make and wait a few minutes

Now you'll find the executable qtwvdialer in the QtWvDialer/bin directory. Put it into your $PATH and you are done.

Versions of QtWvDialer before 0.4 might be installed as follows:

Make shure QTDIR is set correctly and tmake, moc and eventually uic are installed.

  • untar the tarball you've downloaded
  • enter the qtwvdialer directory
  • type ./configure [--nvidia|--help|--no-uic]
  • type make and wait a few moments

That's it. You should have the executable qtwvdialer now.

If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to contact me qtwvdialer@mtoussaint.de

The build process has been tested until now only with Linux and Qt 2.2.0. It would be nice to hear if QtWvDialer compiles and works with different system configurations.


A Gentoo package might be found here http://gentoo-portage.com/browse-program-rdep.php?program=3271

To run QtWvDialer as normal user you could chmod +s /usr/loca/bin/wvdial and chmod +xs /usr/sbin/pppd (Your path may differ. A which pppd and which wvdial as root should show you the path used on your system)


Version 0.4.4
- Fixed configure script

Version 0.4.2
- Cleaned interface
- Graph now reflects connection state
- Removed copyright window (moved to config dialog)

Version 0.4.1
- Improved logfile viewer

Version 0.4
- Now compiles with Qt-3.x and above
- Some chrome

Version 0.3.1
- Fixed bug in configure script
- Fixed silly omission in *.pro files (Thanks Henry)

Version 0.3
- Added monthly logfile

Version 0.2
- Added remote IP label
- Added "uptime" label
- A bit more compact mainwindow layout
- Better handling of wvdial's default parameter (tristate checkboxes for flags in expert dialog and default value for baud)
- Some minor internal cleanup
- Consistency check for new account name
- Added some config options for GUI
- Removed Language combo (makes no sense -> will use $LANG)
- Removed Style combo (makes no sense -> use -style argument)
- Added configure script

Version 0.1
- Initial release


QtWvDialer is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html for more details.


is copyright by Matthias Toussaint
is copyright by Trolltech AS Norway
is copyright by Free Software Foundation, Inc.
is copyright by Dave Coombs and Avery Pennarun.
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